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The network has produced guides for practical reference and usage as training materials, including Video Making on Android, Video Compression Guide and many more.



The Video4change network has held a number of global and regional gatherings to share information, resources, strategies and best practices in the use of video as a tool for social impact.



In addition to guides, this website also contains numerous individual resource materials around pre-production, production, post-production and distribution of impact video.



The network is currently conducting a research project to explore the impact of video for change.

Featured Posts

Human Rights Video, Privacy and Visual Anonymity in the Facebook Age

The successful nationwide organizing and subsequent protests in Egypt to oust the 30-year regime of President Hosni Mubarak have in part been facilitated by Facebook. But as media and technology commentators and human rights activists alike are noting, using Facebook for activism is fraught with risks.


WITNESS Archive Guide Monitoring and Evaluation Survey

WITNESS is launching a short 5-10 minute online survey to evaluate their Archive Guide and their three Archiving for Activist videos. They are hoping to cast a net far and wide to reach activists who have read and/or used the Archive Guide, or who have watched/used the videos.

Video for Change Impact Survey: Key Findings

In October 2014 we asked Video for Change practitioners to complete a survey to help us better understand impact design and impact assessment practices and needs. 41 people completed our survey and by far most were working in Asia (91%) followed by North America (21%), Latin America (19%) and Australia/Oceania (19%). There were also 4 respondents working in the MENA region and 4 in Sub-Saharan Africa. The majority of the respondents (51%), worked as independent video-makers, 38% worked with organisations who exclusively engaged with video and 36% worked with organisations that focus on social change but not necessarily on the use of video. Most of the respondents had more than 5 years experience working in the area of Video for Change.