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Training guides in English, Arabic and Burmese covering Video Making on Android, Video Compression and much more.



Reports from our global and regional Video4Change network gatherings.



A full index of materials focusing on pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and impact.



A research project exploring the design and evaluation of impact in Video for Change.

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Leading up to the launch of the Video4Change Impact Toolkit, we would like to highlight and introduce some of the issues discussed in it. Today we start with power. Why power? Because power is everywhere.

Ethics in journalism, and media creation is something we at Small World News think a lot about. Good journalism is about serving the community, and ethics are fundamental to putting the community first.

In July 2015, over 30 practitioners from 17 different organizations met in Mexico for the second convening of the Video4Change (V4C) Network. Here is a video summary of the event by network partners SocialTIC.

Does sharing videos by extremist organizations aid their goals of provoking fear and glamorizing violence, or is it a necessary part of reporting? Should eyewitnesses be asked permission before their videos are broadcast by news media, or would that hinder the reporting process?