Publishing videos online is a great way to make content available to a wide audience. But sometimes you can't rely on internet access: poor connectivity, lack of access and censored network connections are common obstacles. Additionally, key...
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YouTube's Creator Playbook provides creators with a new resource that compile important tips, best practices, and strategies that helps build audiences on YouTube.
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Getting a broadcast premiere for a documentary is still a much-coveted channel of distribution for documentaries — and with a little help navigating the public television infrastructure — PBS can be a great place to do it.
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At IFP Week, in a panel moderated by Jarod Neece, Producer and Senior programmer at SXSW, and featuring RJ Millard from Obscured Pictures, Ryan Werner, Senior Executive at Cinetic Media, and Gary Hustwit, director of, among others, the documentary...
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Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, an alternative crowdfunding platform to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, shares her views and experience on effective crowdfunding and the sustainability of independent filmmaking.
 Evaluate the success of the screening. Did you get your expected number of guests? Was there a lively discussion? Did the media cover your event? Remember that you don't need huge numbers. Screenings which have small audiences but engaging...


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Technology / Transformation: Wonder Woman by Dara Birnbaum. One of the earliest examples of subversive political remix videos. While it falls into the high-art category, this video inspired many video artists to work with pop culture imagery (...
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