Before Filming

Source : WITNESS
This illustrated guide outlines the key stages of pre-production when making a human rights video.
Source : Mesmeric Films
In this video, you'll learn a wide range of basic and advanced techniques to record good location audio, like how to attach a lav mic to someone's chest, how to hide mics inside a car, and what kind of professional gear to use if you want to do dual...
Source : Michael Wray
Esta es una guía completa sobre la producción de video. Lleva a los lectores a través de los procesos de planificación, rodaje, edición y distribución. Esta guía es un gran recurso para los activistas de video principiantes.Tomado de la Introducción...
Source : WITNESS
"Antes de filmar" te ayuda a prepararte y a las personas con las que estás trabajando para identificar los objetivos de tu video, ligar tu video a la acción y entender el consentimiento. 
Source : WITNESS
This five-part "How to Film Protests" series incorporates the best practices WITNESS has developed with over 300 partners in 80 countries who are using video for human rights documentation and to create lasting change.From raw documentation of human...
Source : WITNESS
"Before Filming" helps you prepare yourself and the people you're working with to identify the goal of your video, link your video to action, and understand consent.


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