The Video for Change Impact Cookbook was produced by EngageMedia in collaboration with the Video4Change Network, MIT's Open Documentary Lab, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University, and funded by the Oak Foundation and Hivos.


Oak Foundation Hivos Open Documentary Lab



Andrew Lowenthal - EngageMedia Director

Producer, Researcher, Co-author and Editor


Cheekay Cinco - EngageMedia Digital Strategies Manager

Project Manager (1st phase), Co-author


Tanya Notley - Lecturer, Western Sydney University

Senior Research Consultant


Egbert Wits - International Development Consultant

Project Manager (2nd phase), Co-author and Editor


Seelan Palay - EngageMedia Outreach Coordinator

Design, Layout and Website Content Management


Sam Gregory - WITNESS Program Director

Co-author, Video4Change: Creating and Measuring Social Impact


Pip Shea - Independent Designer and Researcher

Worksheet Design and Content


Jennifer Schulte  - Human Rights Researcher

Author of ‘Accountability’ chapter


Iqbal Barkat, Lecturer in Screen Production at Macquarie University

Author of ‘Participation and Inclusion’ chapter


Anna Helme, EngageMedia Associate 

Web Producer


Anang Saptoto, Artist / Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


Sean Flynn – MIT Open Documentary Lab, Camden Film Festival

Research Assistant


Becky Hurwitz – MIT Center for Civic Media, RAD

Research Assistant


Julie Fischer – MIT Open Documentary Lab

Research Assistant


Elianor Gerrard – Freelance Communications and Community Engagement Consultant 

Proof-reader Plus



Jessica Mayberry, Founder – VideoVolunteers, India

Ilang-Ilang Quijano and King Catoy, Members of Altermidya, The Philippines

Anna Har, Director – Komas, Malaysia